Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Material List

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


-Cover page for portfolio
-Table of Contents
-Cover page for project
-Mood Board
-Color palette
-Idea Concept and progress
-Logo sketches
-Variations (Vector images)
-Final logo
-packaging sketches
- Final project ( mock-up)

05/02/2017 Homework

  1. develop all the vector images for infographic and bring COMPLETE layout.
  2. Complete Lady M and post on the blog
  3. COMPLETE Portfolio layout on Indesign
  1. Complete your final portfolio layouts on Indesign.
  2. Complete to draw all the vector images for Infographic and bring COMPLETE layout
  3. Finish the socks packaging
  1. Complete logo and poster
  2. Work on portfolio layout and develop on the Indesign 
In Hwan:
  1. Keep practice on the pen tool
  1. Complete Typo poster and work on the book cover.