Tuesday, April 4, 2017

04/04/2017 Homework

  1. FINISH THE DOUX PROJECT! (Incomplete!)
    1. Set box
  2. Bring all your sketches to scan AND Flash drive!! (Incomplete!)
  3. Start working on portfolio (Incomplete!)
    1. make layouts on the indesign

  1. Columbia Logo Stationery sketches (10 each) and develop on the illustrator (5variations) (Incomplete!)
  2. Columbia Mock-ups (Incomplete!)
    1. shopping bag
    2. Tool kit box
    3. Clothing (jackets, shoes, t-shirts)
  3. Complete 20 sketches for Lady M packaging layouts and bring 5 variations on illustrator (Completed)
  4. Complete stationery for Lady M and work on mock-ups 
    1. coffee cup (hot and cold) (completed)
    2. cup holder (Incomplete!)
    3. cup sleeve (completed)
  5. Bring all your sketches to scan AND Flash drive!!

  1. Develop the brochure on the illustrator (3pages) 
    1. bring contents and images for the brochure (Incomplete!)
  2. Complete Save the Bees Stationery 10 thumbnail sketches and develop on the illustrator (3 variations) (Completed)
  1. make typography poster 10 variations on illustrator
In Hwan:
  1. Complete pen tool exercises
  2. Develop logo on the illustrator

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