Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4/18/2017 Homework

  1. 10 Layout thumbnail sketches for infographic (Completed)
  2. sketch all the graphs and icons for infographic (Incomplete)
  3. COMPLETE Portfolio layout on Indesign! (Incomplete)
  1. Make portfolio layouts on Indesign. (Completed)
  2. Complete to draw all the vector images for Infographic (forgot to bring it!!!)
    1. Graphs
    2. icons
  3. Bring all your sketches to scan AND Flash drive!!
  1. Keep working on Brochure (completed)
  2. 20 thumbnail sketches for poster (completed)
  1. Keep working on typography poster
  2. Choose the color for the poster
In Hwan:
  1. Keep practice on the pen tool
  2. 5 variations for stationery(completed)

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